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Welcome to the Whites 4G Farm located in Lower Salem, OH.  We raise Registered Fullblood & Percentage Boer Goats.  Our primary goal is to produce and sell quality 4-H & FFA show wethers and breeding stock.  If you are interested or have any questions about our Boer Goats for sale in Ohio, please call or email us, 740-585-2639 (home) 740-236-0088 (Jeff cell) 740-236-6000 (Suzi cell), whites4gfarm@yahoo.com

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"For Those About to Rock"

Board Sale

Saturday, April 14, 2018 
at the Farm 
Barn opens at 9am
Board closes at 11am


2018 kids are here!

Born between Jan. 22 & 27th, 2018

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Show Wethers & Does 

Whites 4G Farm 2017 Row of Champions!

Alexis Anthony

2017 Grand & Reserve Champion Market Goat

& County Showman

Monroe County Fair

Whites 4G Farm 2016 Row of Champions!

Alexis Anthony

2016 Grand & Reserve Champion Market Goat

& County Showman

Monroe County Fair



Whites 4G Farm 2015 Row of Champions!

Jessica White
Grand Champion Market Wether & Best Born & Bred
Washington Co. Fair
Alexis Anthony
Reserve Champion Market Wether
             Monroe Co. Fair

Brooke Huntsman
Reserve Champion Market Wether &
Reserve Champion Medium Weight Wether
Morrow Co. Fair

Tanner Huntsman
Reserve Champion Heavy Weight Market Wether
Morrow Co. Fair


Allana McCoy
Grand Champion Breeding Goat - 4H & Open Class
West Alexander Fair & Washington Co. Fair, PA

Whites 4G Farm has produced Grand Champion & Best Born & Bred Market Goats 2008 thru 2012 & 2015 and Reserve Champion in 2009, 2011 thru 2014 at the  Washington Co. Fair, Marietta, Ohio.

Contact:  Jeff & Suzi White

80 Germantown Rd.  Lower Salem, OH 45745

www.whites4gfarm.com   whites4gfarm@yahoo.com

Home #740-585-2639 Jeff’s cell #740-236-0088 Suzi’s cell #740-236-6000




The White's 4 G's
Our Homestead

Our Farm
How It All Began
In 2004, we purchased 2 Pygmy goats, named Cinnamon & Sugar. These were pets, but also a growing business for our daughters. In 2005, our oldest daughter Jessica wanted to take Market Goats for her 4-H project. By her second year into the project, she purchased her own Boer Doe with kids. Figuring out that it is much easier to start working with the wethers when they are small and less stubborn. In April 2007, we purchased our first herd of Boer Does. That winter we had a mixture of Boers & Pygmys in the barn, and kidded out over 50 kids. In 2008, we sold all the Pygmy Goats and this is where it all began.

In 2008, Whites 4G Farm sold 10 Boer wethers to local 4-Hers. One of them, shown by Chelsey Schott, won Grand Champion at the Washington Co. Fair. That year, out of 40 market goats, Whites 4G Farm produced four 1st place winners, four 2nd place, and two 3rd place winners.

Jessica won Grand & Reserve Champion in 2009. There were 49 Market Goats shown at the Washington Co. Fair. We sold 17 wethers to 4-Hers that year. Out of those 17, we had four 1st place winners, three 2nd place, four 3rd place & one 4th place winner.

Josie decided to get into the action, so in 2010, she won Grand Champion Market Goat at the Washington Co. Fair. Whites 4G Farm had 12 wethers in the show, out of 56 goats. Out of those 12, we had four 1st place winners, one 3rd place & two 4th place winners.

2011 fair season was very sucessful. Whites 4G Farm won Grand & Reserve Champion Market Goat at the Washington Co. Fair again this year. The Grand Champion was shown by our cousin Allison Adams. Jessica won Reserve Champion and a 1st place. Josie won a 1st & 2nd place market goat. Whites 4G Farm had 15 wethers & does in the show, out of 43 market goats at the Washington Co. Fair. Out of those 15, we had five 1st place winners, five 2nd place, three 3rd place, one 4th & one 6th place winner. This year Whites 4G Farm had market goats in other counties also. In Noble Co. we had one 1st place, two 4th place & one 7th place winner. In Athens Co. we had one 1st place and a 7th overall winner. In Meigs Co. we had a 3rd place winner, and in Muskingum Co. we had a 4th place winner. Thanks and Congratulations to all the winners.

In March of 2012, Whites 4G Farm held our 1st annual Board Sale. We sold 25 market wethers & does to 4-H & FFA members. From the sale, came many winners. In Athens Co. Fair, we had Grand & Reserve & 7th Overall Market Wether and a Class Winner with a Market Doe. At Noble Co. Fair, we won a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place Market Wether Class. In Harrison Co., we had a 3rd place winner. At Washington Co. this year, Jessica won Grand Champion and Josie won Reserve Champion Market Wether. Whites 4G Farm had 14 out of 37 market wethers and does in the show this year. Out of those 14, we won four 1st place, two 2nd place, five 3rd place, two 4th place & one 5th place winner. Last, but not least; we had winners at the Ohio State Fair this year. Whites 4G Farm had a 1st place, two 3rd place, a 4th place, two 6th place, an 8th place & a 10th place winner. Our stock is only up to its potential thanks to the 4-Hers and their families who raise them. 
Thanks to some really great 4-Hers, 2013 was a huge success. At our Board Sale in April, we sold 28 wethers & does.  Whites 4G Farm winners came from many counties this year. In Columbiana and Meigs County we had Grand Champion.  In Noble County, we won Grand & Reserve Champion, and had first, third, fourth & eighth place winners. In Harrison County we won a second & third place.  In Lawrence County we placed second with a fourth overall.  In Athens County we had a seventh & eighth overall and a first place winner.  In Washington County we won Reserve Champion, Premier Exhibitor, 3 first place, 4 second place, 4 third place, 2 fourth place and a fifth place class winner.  At Washington County's breeding show, we had Best in Show, 2 first places & second place.  At the 2013 Ohio State Fair we had second, third, 3 sixth, seventh, eighth & ninth place winners in Market class.  In Showmanship, we won third, 2 fourth & sixth place.  Thanks again to all the 4-Hers and their families for a very success year. 
Congratulations and thanks to all the members & families for putting your time & effort into your market projects.
Whites 4G Farm, Lower Salem, Ohio
740-585-2639 (home) 740-236-0088 (Jeff cell) 740-236-6000 (Suzi cell)